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About Us

About Chasing Buffalo Western Outfitters 

Chasing Buffalo Western Outfitters is {rugged and punchy} much like the owner and visionary Hannah Sorenson. A mid-western gal who loves life out yonder and has a heart for adventure. 

We love the western lifestyle and offer styles to fit the {rugged and punchy} cowboy, cowgirl, and little buckaroos. Our inspiration comes to life in the styles we carry and the western heritage that lives on through you the cowboys and cowgirls who dress for the everyday or for the nights where you dust off your cowboy boots for a night out on the town. 

The shop name was inspired by the movie Lonesome Dove. Gus McCrae and Pea Eye Parker come across a herd of buffalo. They sit on their horses and watch these incredible animals and just take it all in. Part of the conversation they have is below....Gus is this adventurous sort who wants to chase the herd just to chase them because he might not ever have a chance to do it again...just so he can say that he has chased buffalo. While Pea Eye Parker is trying to make sense of it and asking reasonable logical questions. In life we get a choice to be like Gus (who eventually takes off chasing the buffalo) or be like Pea Eye Parker (who sits quietly on his horse being reasonable.) 

So as a lifestyle brand we chose to chase buffalo when opening the shop...it is about adventure and doing things even if it doesn't make sense. We believe here that sometimes you only get one shot. We are about adventure. So we encourage you to get out there and go after whatever "buffalo" it is you want to chase. 

We are happy to have you along on this adventure chasing buffalo!