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The Little Red Alligator Skin Shoes

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I ran across this picture awhile back and just had to chuckle at my awesome style! As I looked at the picture all I could think about was those awesome red shoes. Fashion for me clearly started at a young age. I loved and I mean lovvveeeddd these red shoes!!!

I can remember getting these red shoes and thinking they were just it. I wore them everywhere (even with socks!) The strap went around my ankle and they were red alligator skin (clearly fake!) They also had this little round piece on the top down by the toes that had little diamonds on it. They were incredible for someone my age! 

My mom saved these shoes for me and I still have them to this day. She's a good mom...she knows how to save iconic pieces of the wardrobe. My grandma told me I was always fun to take shopping because when they would try stuff on me in the dressing room I would just look in the mirror and turn around in my dresses. Who knew so many years later I would fall in love with things like this again.

I think fashion is something that is our own...

Here are some of my tips:

1. Buy things you absolutely love!

2. Make your style your own!

3. Always add iconic pieces to your wardrobe that you will always go back to!

4. Do not listen to the critics!

5. Style is not just for the models out there!

6. "The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years." -Iris Apfel

7. Last but not least...everyone needs a pair of little red alligator skin shoes!

When I say everyone needs a pair of little red alligator skin shoes I mean everyone needs items that they love love love. They need a few items that they want to wear all the time even with socks! (just kidding!) Those are the kinds of items that make us feel confident! They show off who we are as people and that is style my friend! I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of little red alligator skin shoes if you have to!

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