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Tumbleweed Lovin'

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I have a love for tumbleweeds. Everything about them just fascinates me (I'm a nerd!) 

I would rather receive a tumbleweed over a bouquet of flowers. (fellas take note!)

Over the years we have traveled across Nebraska to go vacationing in Colorado. As you get closer to Colorado there are always tumbleweeds and of course on a windy day they are always just tumbling along. I would always try to get my dad to let me bring one home with me. He thought I was crazy...he would tell me no we don't have room in the car! This would come up many times over the years. 

One year on the way back from being in Colorado my dad drove separately. No big deal we all made it home safe and had a great time being on vacation. A couple weeks pass and it is now my birthday month which is March. My dad wanted to have me over because he had this great birthday present (surprise!) So I stop and in the back of his pickup as I pull up is this huge box with marker on the side that says Happy Birthday Hannah! I have no idea what it could be but he is like dying for me to open the box! So we get it out of the pickup and I open it...

Can you guess what the box was full of???

Yep it was full of tumbleweeds!!! On the way home from that vacation trip when my dad drove separately he stopped along the way and picked up tumbleweeds. He filled his car with them! It was honestly one of the best gifts I ever received! 

I tell you this story because one it is my birthday this month and two because I believe that is how God loves us! He loves us enough to recognize the meaningless little quirks that make us happy (like loving tumbleweeds.) He doesn't just care about the big stuff...God cares about the little simple stuff that makes our hearts happy! 

So I hope you embrace your God given quirks and I hope you surround yourself with people that love you for those crazy quirks. I hope that everyday you know that the little stuff matters just as much as the big stuff in our life. So don't forget or discard the "tumbleweeds" in your life. God wants to fulfill us with that kind of joy!

Happy Trails,

Hannah Gabriel

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